There are a few clients that help you easily integrate with

UbSub-Client (Javascript & Native)

This client provides functionality via nodejs to interact via a cli util ubsub by using libubsub.

Core features it provides are:

  • Viewing and modifying events, subscriptions, templates, and tokens
  • Creating a webhook that will redirect to local network
  • Searching events and streaming via csv or json
  • Listening for events and displaying in terminal
  • Managing and uploading template code

You can download pre-built binaries for major platforms on github

You can find more detail on npm.

LibUbsub (Javascript)

libubsub provides general javascript APIs for streaming, client API, and signature validation (middleware).

Under the hood, it simply uses SocketIO.

You can find more detail on npm.


Built on top of ubsub-client, ubsub-notify allows you to have alerts pop up on your desktop that are triggered by a subscription.

You can find more detail on npm.

UbSub Native (C++)

UbSub also supports native applications, such as embedded systems like the Arduino or Particle.

You can find more detail on github.